A Detailed Look at The GE 45115 Window and Door Alarm

The GE 45115 wireless window and door alarm provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective way of protecting you and your family against the dangers of home invasions, and break in robberies. It comes with a super loud 120-decibel alarm, is easy to use, offers simple installation, and features a low battery indicator light.


A Detailed Look at The GE 50246 Door Stop Alarm

The highly rated GE 50246 door stop alarm was designed based on the keep it simple principle. It’s powered by one nine-volt battery with low power warning light, is portable, features a simple on-off switch operation, and most importantly it is extremely effective. Being a wireless device it is by nature easy to set up and install, but its compact size allows it to be deployed anywhere you need it. Whether it is a hotel in a unfamiliar location, a college dorm, or just a room within your own home that needs the extra protection.


A Detailed Look at The Techko S184S Door Guard Alarm

The Techko S184S door alarm is portable, easy to use and effective protection that is ready to go when you are. It is designed to hang on a door knob, and responds to the slightest vibration with an ear-splitting siren. Due to its portable design, it can be taken anywhere you travel, and feel a bit uneasy with the security situation of your lodgings.


A Detailed Look at The Doberman Security SE-0137 Door Alarm Kit

The Doberman Security SE-0137 door alarm Kit is a low cost, effective home security add-on device. It is very easy to install, comes with a set of four magnetic contact alarm sensors, an incredibly loud siren, straightforward functionality, and can also be used to protect windows.


A Detailed Look at The GE 45117 Wireless Door Alarm

The GE 45117 deluxe wireless door alarm is a simple-to-use, and cost-effective security solution that is guaranteed to protect your home, property and family against the dangers of home invasions and robberies. It features a simple to install 120-decibel alarm, that once activated is certain to make a would be burglar reconsider his immediate plans. Besides being an incredibly effective home security product it is also exceptionally user friendly. Featuring a modern design with easy-access buttons and controls that allow for simple intuitive operation, regardless of your level of tech savvy.


A Detailed Look at The Door Security Bar

My purchase of the Master Lock 265DCCSEN door security bar, was made in part to appease my ever worrying, and over-protective mother. Apparently, a few weeks ago she happened upon a story of a home invasion featuring one of the 8 million people whom I share a city with. Obviously, the fact that this tragedy occurred within 10 miles of where I live, means that I am destined to suffer the same fate, unless I immediately relocate to be somewhere safer, preferably within walking distance of her home.